Hello, my name is Bo Thomsen and I am

Full Stack Developer

creating rich and modern applications

This is who I am

I turn into
Selftaught developer from Copenhagen, Denmark, with an interest in Game Development, backend coding, machine learning and large scale data collection and analytics.

This is what I do

I work with many different technologies, ranging from PHP, Python, Node.js, Polymer, Bootstrap, jQuery, C#, Android, Web, MySQL and MongoDB. I find my self a fast learner if you need me to use other technologies.

Web Design

The goal is to have as few clicks before the users action, SEO and simple design helps you to do that.

Web Programming

In the years i've programmed i have created many different websites, to fullfill the desired purpose. To do that i've been using many different technology stacks and plugins and spend quite a lot of time problem solving and finding quirks.

Backend Development

Backend is like the muscles and the brain of a human, it's what makes the software move and behave. I find myself good at creating solid and efficient backend software.

Data Analytics

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is everything. There's having data and not having data, but there's also understanding data and not understanding - and that's what makes the difference.

My works

This is the front-end work i've been doing, to check out the rest of it, and the things i've been creating that doesn't feature a nice UI, check my Github
Studietur Madrid

Studietur Madrid

IT / Communication project on trips to madrid



Illution.dk website

My Skills

Learning new skills and mastering the old, trying to tackle small and large problems to create services that matters, is what drives me.

Web Programming




Backend Programming




I'm available for freelance projects.

What people say about me

The recommendations from my clients, bosses and coworkers it what matters the most to me.
Kræn Hansen

I have no doubt that Bo's constant curiosity and interests in modern ICT (primarily web applications and services), will keep him walking the bleeding edge of technology - in his future to come. Bo is extremely gifted student and I have no doubt that he will keep utilizing his talent to solve important problems of his time. My encounters with Bo has mainly been in the role of his mentor at a number of occasions.

Frederik Lassen

Bo is the guy who gets stuff done - simple. He doesn't give up without a fight, and produces nice code without the need of coffee (tm).